About Breda Lighting Int.

About Breda Lighting Int.

High quality LED lighting
Breda Lighting International’s vision states that supplying high quality RetroFix™ LED lighting and concepts is central to its business. RetroFix™ LED lighting replaces traditional lighting. The use of LED lighting is beneficial to companies that wish to embrace Corporate Social Responsibility.

RetroFix™LED lighting is developed and produced in-house by Breda Lighting International. By strictly supervising production, Breda Lighting International is able to guarantee the high quality of its LED lighting. It was in 2003 that Breda Lighting International started to develop RetroFix LED fluorescent tubes. By 2010 everyone was convinced about the quality of what was then the eleventh generation of LED fluorescent tube at which point it was officially launched onto the market.

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RetroFix™ LED fluorescent tubes
Breda Lighting produces each LED fluorescent tube to the highest professional standards. Our aim is to satisfy our customers.
The key values that Breda Lighting International applies to its LED lighting are:

  • Reliable. Breda Lighting International is committed to the concept of reliability. This is based on fair trading, keeping our word and building lasting relationships. Say what you do and do what you say.
  • Involved. At Breda Lighting International we focus on the customer. This means that we pay close attention to what the customer wants by delivering top quality and service.
  • Quality. By following the developments in the lighting sector and by continuing to invest in our own development we are in a position to respond to the changes in the current market and further optimise our RetroFix™ LED fluorescent tubes. We do this using an extensive quality process in which our RetroFix™ LED fluorescent tubes undergo a range of tests.

Energy savings with LED lighting
Our mission is to supply high quality LED lighting. LED lighting saves energy, improves the workplace and reduces CO2 emissions. This places companies in a better position to embrace Corporate Social Responsibility. Though our expertise and experience with LED lighting our strength lies in turning existing lighting situations into RetroFix™ LED situations. Our RetroFix™ LED fluorescent tubes make a real contribution to your company’s ambitions to save energy and introduce sustainable energy

RetroFix™ Purchase Through Savings Concept
In addition to the sales of our RetroFix™ LED lighting, Breda Lighting International is also able to offer a Purchase Through Savings construction. Immediate cash in and no cash out. This can be achieved with our financial partner. The scheme enables you to save energy and reduce your CO2 emissions without investment. In other words, using the ‘purchase through savings’ scheme means you can enjoy all the benefits of RetroFix™ LED without reducing your liquidity. Would you like to know more about our purchase through savings concept? Contact us directly.

Employment vacancies
Breda Lighting International is always looking for independent and driven Sales Agents to expand and strengthen our sales team. 

  • Frits SchuurinkSales

    TEL +31 (0)6 531 31 533
  • Rob KiesRegiomanager Zeeland / W Brabant

    TEL +31 (0)6 53 15 03 51
  • Ferdinand van BergenRegiomanager Eindhoven eo.

    TEL +31 (0)6 53 10 26 52
  • Arthur HuijbregtsRegiomanager Tilburg eo

    TEL +31 (0)6 272 36 630
  • Bart Schneider Regiomanager Breda eo

    TEL +31 (0)6 229 81 915
  • Ruud ZeilmakerRegiomanager Gelderland

    TEL +31 (0)6 289 01 889
  • Focco DamRegiomanager Friesland

    TEL +31 (0)6 103 60 364
  • Marijn van GastelManaging Director / CEO

    TEL +31 (0)76 581 38 15
  • Frank van HamInside Sales

    TEL +31 (0)76 581 38 15
  • Geert TimmerDirector Operations / COO

    TEL +31 (0)6 53 624 081
  • Raymond van der ZalmController

    TEL +31 (0)76 581 38 15
  • Vera VoermansAdministration

    TEL +31 (0)76 581 38 15
  • Annemieke Bhagwandien

  • Aron NijnattenAdministration

    TEL +31 (0)76 581 38 15
  • Berry BerendsenLogistics

    TEL +31 (0)76 581 38 15
  • Wil GielenLogistics

    TEL +31 (0)76 581 38 15
  • Bart BerendsenLogistics

    TEL +31 (0)76 581 38 15
  • Lennard BosLogistics

    TEL +31 (0)76 581 38 15