Quality Controls

Quality controls

High quality LED fluorescent tubes
The high quality RetroFix™LED fluorescent tubes are developed and produced in-house. Breda Lighting International pays very close attention to the quality controls on its RetroFix™ LED tubes. Under the supervision of its own technical team, the raw materials, the production process and the end products are all thoroughly checked, enabling Breda Lighting International to guarantee the quality of its LED fluorescent tubes.

RetroFix™ quality controls
Dekra checks the RetroFix™ LED fluorescent tubes on every delivery arriving in the Netherlands. This makes Breda Lighting International unique because it wishes to guarantee the quality of its RetroFix™ LED fluorescent tubes to its customers. Finally, in addition to these checks, the RetroFix™ LED fluorescent tubes are independently tested in the Netherlands by VSL and OliNo so the quality is confirmed yet again.

Here are the markings/certificates with which RetroFix™ LED fluorescent tubes comply.

Quality reports

You can download the most up-to-date VSL an OliNo test reports from our website. Our LED tubes are tested extensively. Breda Lighting International has quality and test reports on all the checks that we carry out. If you are seriously interested in our RetroFix™ LED tubes or any one of our other products we will be able to submit these reports to you. Click here to contact us directly.