Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Energy
There are three key pillars within the company that we refer to as the three Ps: People Planet Profit. When we think of sustainable energy or sustainable entrepreneurship, we often think of the environment, but equally important are the human and economic aspects. People Planet Profit stands for finding the right balance between these three aspects. People Planet Profit forms an important part of our mission. Ultimately this has to lead to better results not only for our company but also for the community. 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
More and more companies are tending towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as it offers many benefits. By producing LED lighting,  Breda Lighting International directly addresses the matter of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the company’s three key elements are integrated within the concept.

  • Profit: your economic performance is improved by the savings you make on your energy bill.
  • People: your workplace and employee satisfaction are improved thanks to a better quality of light.
  • Planet: CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 70%. 

The RetroFix™ concept, or the installation of RetroFix™ LED lighting, is a hugely valuable and appealing addition to any company keen to embrace Corporate Social Responsibility.

Energy Investment Allowance (EIA)
The government is stimulating companies wishing to embrace Corporate Social Responsibility. All RetroFix products comply with the conditions required for you to qualify for the EIA. If you purchase RetroFix LED products then you too will qualify for the Energy Investment Allowance. Via the Energy Investment Allowance, companies can invest in energy-efficient technology and sustainable energy. You can deduct 55.5% of the investment costs from your profit, in addition to your usual business expenses

meaning you will pay less income tax or corporation tax. On average the EIA cuts your net tax bill by around 11%. In addition to a reduced tax bill, energy-efficient investments mean you get lower energy bills.